You know you want one. In-game models aren't enough, no matter how adorable they may be. Now video game importer National Console Support sends word that Taito is getting ready to give a little SackBoy loving to the world in the form of official LittleBigPlanet plush toys! Shipping later this year, the dolls come in two different sizes - 10 centimeter tall mascot figures, suitable for hanging from backpacks, belt loops, review mirrors and the like, and 25 centimeter plushies, which come in both normal and hook n' eye patch pirate flavors. They're both available for pre-order via NCS for $12.18 and $22.90 respectively, with the former including free shipping. Kind of hard to tell how good the figures look. As NCS points out, advertising brown things on a dark background is not a good idea, no matter how much outer glow you apply. Still, they are living, breathing SackBoy toys, and that's exactly what we wanted. Yum. SackBoy Plushie Pre-Order Page [National Console Support]