2:25 PM

In an interview with USGamer, Monolith Soft executive director Tetsuya Takahashi said a Switch port of Xenoblade Chronicles X would cost a lot of money. As a result, it seems unlikely to happen any time soon, if at all. “It’s a massive game. Re-creating it would be really difficult, he said.

7:00 AM

Here’s a short Xenoblade Chronicles X clip that demonstrates how online group quests will work. People can form “Squads” and participate in special “Squad Quests” (the footage starts at the 0:45 mark in the video) to kill tougher monsters for better loot. Just like in MMOs.

5:25 PM

Want to watch a ton of new footage from the upcoming Wii U game Xenoblade Chronicles X? Check out this archive of Nintendo’s livestream this afternoon, which includes an eight-minute overview video and then an hour of Treehouse staff playing the game live. (The footage starts at 34:00.)