Oct 26 2013

Someone on Twitter is reenacting Back to the Future—"in real time"—creating nearly 50 accounts for all of the characters (and the DeLorean). If you like the movie, you'll love The Hill Valley Project. Seven hours ago, Marty saved George from getting run over, and he should wake up in Lorraine's bedroom any minute now.

Sep 22 2013

Every Single Hat in Team Fortress 2, Worn by a Single Character: This is only a tiny snapshot of all forty-lebem-sebemty-thirteen TF2 hats that Spy has equipped, all at once, in a drawing by DeviantArt's AshleyLange. Trust me, the stack goes up way, way, higher than this. Can you identify them all? This guy tried.

Jan 26 2013

This skyscraper-sized functioning golden toilet (with bowl freshener) in Minecraft is truly the Throne of Games.