Other games have booths at TwitchCon, but Fortnite has an entire hall. I mean, of course it does. It’s Fortnite. At TwitchCon. Still quite a sight, though.

TwitchCon, I have learned from attendee and streamer Impactedpiko, has three Bob Ross cosplayers. They are trying to converge, but they haven’t succeeded yet. When it does happen, though, I think we’ll just kind of know, you know? And then somebody can immortalize the moment with a giant painting.

“Pay us. Or do work. Be moderators. Or just, like, when people are shitty or transphobic or homophobic in your life, call them out. Put some of that labor on your shoulders so that we can keep working on surviving every day. And then we can thrive and travel into the brilliant gay future together,” said streamer Adam

“I actually worry about that sometimes—whether or not the fact that I’m disabled causes potential viewers to shy away. You have to take that thought and just fold it up and put it in your back pocket and literally stream like there’s nobody watching,” said streamer AccessibleGamer during TwitchCon’s “Streaming With

“Self care. Especially as a person of color, because there’s not a lot of us out here. Again: most brown folks I’ve seen at TwitchCon in my two years of coming, in this room. We cannot burn out. We cannot burn each other out,” said streamer and I Need Diverse Games director Tanya DePass at the conclusion of

TwitchCon is letting Friday badge holders come back on Saturday and opening more entry points to make up for how bad the lines were today. Crisscrossing lines wrapped around the convention center. I heard horror stories of people waiting in line for four hours. One made it to the front, only to find out they’d been in

Announced during Twitchcon 2018 and going into testing later this year, Squad Streams allow teams of players to stream all at once, allowing viewers to switch between chats on the fly. Perfect for Fortnite teams and Rock Band groups, to name two equally popular 2018 things.