That incredibly good-looking Tales game leaked on Friday? It’s Tales of Arise, coming to Xbox, PC and PlayStation 4 in 2020. Here’s the trailer as seen during Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference, which helped fans of hot anime bullshit survive the nearly two-hour presentation. 

Tales of Vesperia is getting a stage play in Japan, Famitsu reports. It’s the latest “Tales of the Stage” and follows the popular adaptation Tales of the Abyss.

A new Tales game has been announced! It’s a completely new game called Tales of Crestoria and slated for release on mobile in Japan. No word yet on an international release. 

Good news, Tales fans: Tales of Zestiria, previously announced for PS3, will also hit PS4 and PC when it comes to North America and Europe this October. If only all Japanese companies treated their western fans this well.