7:00 AM

Steins;Gate Elite, an updated of 2009's Steins;Gate, has a release date for Japan. The game will be out September 20 on the Switch, PS4 and, in Japan, on the PS Vita. It was supposed to be out this March but was delayed. The international release date is still TBA.

6:00 AM

Steins; Gate Elite, which was slated for March 15 in Japan, has been delayed. The game’s Japanese release date is now simply “2018.” The reason for the delay is to “further improve quality.” Steins; Gate Elite has not yet been announced for international release.

3:40 PM

Steins;Gate 0 will finally release in North America on November 29. The visual novel will be available next month on PS4 and Vita according to a post on the PlayStation blog by localization lead, Adam Lensenmayer. The game is a sequel to Steins;Gate. You can read our review of the imported Japanese version here.

12:30 PM

Steins;Gate Zero is coming to the west on both PS4 and Vita, courtesy of PQube, the same publisher that brought over Steins;Gate. Zero is the sequel to 5pb’s excellent visual novel, which starts off slowly but ultimately pays off. No specific release date just yet—they’re saying 2016 for both Europe and the U.S.

12:04 PM

The visual novel Steins;Gate will be out on PS3/Vita in North America on August 25, publisher PQube just announced. Between that and the Danganronpa spinoff, Vita owners will be pretty damn busy this fall.

9:00 AM

Steins;Gate is coming to North American and European PlayStation 3s and Vitas in 2015 via publisher PQube. Considered by many to be one of the finest visual novels ever made, the time-traveling science adventure came to North American PC earlier this year via JAST USA. Check out our full review of the PC release.