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Steins;Gate is now on Steam. Richard Eisenbeis called the game “simply a fantastic visual novel” when he first reviewed it and I have to agree. So go send emails into the past and watch the diabolic horror that ensues, if you’re into that sort of thing. The follow-up, Steins;Gate 0, is already out in Japan.


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I need to give this another shot at some point. I hear nothing but praise for the game but I just bounced right the hell off of it, got probably four hours into the Vita version before drifting away. The story hadn’t yet hooked me and I kind of disliked all the characters, particularly the insufferable protagonist. It’s clear he’ll have some big hero turn at some point but dear lord is he an obnoxious character to play as. Still, once I get through Zero Time Dilemma (which I’m also having a surprisingly hard time getting into) I’ll probably revisit this.