Oct 12 2017

EA has clarified in a blog post that the most powerful items in Star Wars Battlefront II’s loot crate basedstar card” system will only be earned through in game achievements. Still, I’ve got a bad feeling about this...

Nov 17 2016

The expansions are coming! The Division’s intriguing Survival expansion is hitting PC and Xbox One on Nov. 22, later on PS4. The final expansion for Star Wars Battlefront will be out on Dec 6 for season pass holders, later for everyone else. It’s set on maps based on the upcoming Star Wars Rogue One movie.

Oct 7 2016

EA’s $30/year EA Access program on Xbox One and PC will get three major additions to its vault of accessible games by year’s end. Last year’s Star Wars Battlefront and this spring’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and UFC 2 will be added later this year, according to an EA press release.