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Oct 27

Ubisoft’s subscription service Uplay+ is being renamed Ubisoft+ and heading to Amazon’s video game streaming platform Luna on November 10. The publisher said the service will also come to Stadia sometime later on.

Aug 6

Serious Sam 4 has suffered a small delay. Originally set to come out this month on Stadia and PC, it’s now not releasing until September 24. It’s still not clear when the game will eventually come to consoles. The Stadia exclusivity deal appears to go into 2021.

Apr 15

Gunsport, a game where you play volleyball with a gun, is coming to Stadia this summer. Made by Necrosoft Games, Gunsport has been bouncing around the internet for several years now but it sounds like it’s finally ready to usher in a new era of cybersports. It’ll come to other platforms later.