7:41 PM

Psychological horror game SOMA is coming to Xbox One on Dec 1 with a new mode that removes the monsters. The idea behind “safe mode” is to let players experience “the atmosphere and story of SOMA free of harm.” Last year, a Steam user released a mod for the PC version that did the same thing, and frankly, it made the

11:05 AM

Six months after the release of SOMA, developer Frictional Games has revealed its changing up its future plans in a big way by developing two games at once. It was five years between Amnesia and SOMA. They revealed one of the games may downplay horror, but things seems in flux right now.

11:15 AM

The developers of horror classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent will release their new game, SOMA, on September 22. Set underwater, it’s coming to both PlayStation 4 and PC. There’s a new gameplay trailer, too.

9:40 AM

”It’s not my fault people keep killing themselves.” The latest environment trailer for Frictional Games’ upcoming space horror game SOMA adds voices to excellent effect. I’d be happy just wandering these halls and listening to people talk. Knowing Frictional, there’ll probably be things try to kill me too. Always with