11:11 AM

It looks like League of Legends is getting in on the hype around the DOTA 2 mod Dota Auto Chess. Today, publisher Riot Games announced their upcoming turn-based autobattler Teamfight Tactics, a mode for League of Legends coming out later this month

10:51 AM

On the heels of yesterday’s Riot Games walkout at the League of Legends publisher’s Los Angeles headquarters, Riot employees in Dublin are staging their own walkout today. Around 18 of the office’s employees stood by the street with several holding signs calling for the company to end forced arbitration.

12:54 PM

Yesterday, Riot Games updated its company manifesto, which, according to Kotaku’s report, was a contributing factor to its sexist culture. Released in 2012, Riot’s values “served us well for many years, but didn’t evolve along with us,” the website reads. The new manifesto has removed points like “Take Play Seriously”