2:30 PM

The folks over at Touch Arcade have uploaded a hands-on video of Horizon Chase. It’s being marketed as a “love letter” to the 8-bit and 16-bit racers of years past, and it drops on Thursday, August 20.

8:00 PM

Nemo Goes Retro: Part of me is glad that Finding Nemo didn't come out in the right era to get an annoyingly difficult side-scrolling tie-in game. But part of me is also happy to imagine what it would've been like, helped along by this latest "8-Bit Cinema" video from Cinefix.

7:30 PM

A new Retro Game Music bundle is underway, where you can get a bunch of classic game music for minimal bucks. Myst, The 7th Guest, Jazz Jackrabbit and Duke Nukem join a list of other notables, some of which have never been previously released.