Photo: Jason Schreier

If you ever go to Paris, there are a few things you absolutely must see. Thereā€™s the Louvre, where the Mona Lisa hangs. Thereā€™s the Eiffel Tower, hulking and iconic. And then thereā€™s the street full of video game stores.

Last week while visiting the Worldā€™s Most Romantic Cityā„¢, I went down to Boulevard Voltaire, a central Parisian street that also happens to have a dozen game stores. Theyā€™re all next to each other, and they all sell a variety of new games, retro games, and all sorts of cool collectibles.

Here are a whole bunch of photos I took while wandering around there, including some cool collections of SNES games, a 1,500 euro copy of Darius Alpha (thatā€™s not for sale), and lots of old JRPGs:

Itā€™s a cool little block - if youā€™re ever in Paris, check it out: