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Sep 22 2016

A patch available now for the Xbox One version of ReCore shortens some of the game’s loading times. The two-minute load to the Shifting Sands area is now one minute. The original two-minute respawn times in Core Foundry have also been halved. (Load times in the PC version are shorter.) Read our full ReCore review here.

Sep 13 2016

Loading times for ReCore are indeed much shorter on a decent PC than they are on Xbox One. Just 26 seconds to respawn instead of up to two minutes. We’ve updated yesterday’s post about with results of our PC loading tests. Short version: they’re reasonable. A purchase of the game gets you access on PC and Xbox One.

Jan 4 2016

Microsoft has revealed the collaboration between Keiji Inafune and Armature Studios, ReCore, will also come to PC. It’s also been re-confirmed Crackdown 3’s multiplayer will debut this summer, but will it be a beta? Something you pay for? Right now, Microsoft isn’t saying, only promising details later this year.