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Jun 28 2017

What’s black, white and red all over and coming this fall for Xbox One and PlayStation 4? A double-pack of Limbo and Inside. Playdead’s pair of stark and beautiful indie platformers hit stores on September 12 for $29.99, courtesy of publisher 505 Games.

Jan 20 2017

Inside publisher Playdead announced today that they’ve been working on a new game. The image they posted appears to show a kid who had landed in a desert with a parachute. Last year, one of Playdead’s co-founders split from the company with a $7 million payout.

Nov 25 2016

Playdead’s Inside now has a demo you can download and try for free on Steam. It popped up yesterday with little fanfare and is about 1.2GB in size. As the studio’s follow up to Limbo and one of the year’s most superb games, you owe it to yourself to see what makes Inside’s haunting, industrial brutalism so special.

Jun 21 2016

Limbo is free today and tomorrow on Steam. It’d be a fun one to replay in anticipation of Playdead’s extremely good follow-up Inside. But mostly: free Limbo!

Jun 13 2016

Inside, Playdead’s follow-up to Limbo, hits Xbox One on June 29th and Steam on July 7th. They’re making Limbo free on Xbox One until June 20, and on Steam June 21-22. I’ve played the whole game and it is ridiculously good. More on that a little later, once this press conference madness dies down.

Jul 4 2013

Playdead's critically acclaimed black-and-white platformer Limbo is now available on iOS for $4.99. It plays absolutely beautifully on an iPad.

May 30 2013

Limbo, the shadowy puzzle game where you unintentionally murder a small child multiple times over, will release on the Vita (and PSN) for $14.99 next Tuesday, June 4.