PAX East is finally over and I’m dead. At least for now. I’ll return in my new form on Monday. Also Graveyard Keeper on Switch is good. 

Smash pro Nairo is currently giving random challengers from the crowd a chance to get wrecked in Ultimate at Nintendo’s PAX East booth.

Ethan Gach

Nintendo brought Sandbag along to PAX East so Smasher players could pay homage to him. When asked about the unorthodox rule set Nintendo had selected for its PAX East Smash Ultimate tournament he declined to comment.  

Androids 16 and 18 have made peace with Cell for the day. Fortunately for them, I haven’t spotted any Super Saiyans at PAX East yet.

Ethan Gach

Every member of FTWin at PAX East’s Splatoon 2 tournament will walk away with a gold-skinned Switch Pro controller after taking first place. They’ll go on to represent North America at the World Championship at E3 in June and make Nintendo collectors everywhere extremely jealous. 

Ethan Gach

Square Enix is trying to get players back into Final Fantasy XI by helping them reactivate their old accounts. At PAX East in Boston, the company has a tiny station next to its giant Final Fantasy XIV showcase where someone will use your original email or other info to try and perform some internet archeology.

And they say couch co-op is dead. Enter the Gungeon came out back in 2016, but its developers at Dodge Roll keep finding reasons to bring it back to PAX East. Of course, even back then it had local co-op, before getting ported to Switch made that sort of thing cool again.