PAX East is finally over and I’m dead. At least for now. I’ll return in my new form on Monday. Also Graveyard Keeper on

Nintendo brought Sandbag along to PAX East so Smasher players could pay homage to him. When asked about the unorthodox

Square Enix is trying to get players back into Final Fantasy XI by helping them reactivate their old accounts. At PAX

And they say couch co-op is dead. Enter the Gungeon came out back in 2016, but its developers at Dodge Roll keep

PAX East has begun and Kotaku is here to check out the giant selection of indie games present and the best convention

Cosplayers of League of Legends’ Kindred (Lamb on the left, Wolf on the right) make their slow, spooky way across a

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds stations dominate the Xbox booth at PAX East. Behind that, the PlayStation booth opted to

The most topiary-packed booth at PAX East hosts Deathgarden, Behavior Interactive’s newly announced multiplayer action

We’re at PAX East—well, some of us and a lot of you! Kotaku reporters are in Boston to play some video games. Bonus


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