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Mar 15 2016

EA has settled a class action lawsuit over the likenesses of college athletes being in the company’s games without permission for $60 million, reports ESPN. As the lawsuit moved forward, EA killed off its NCAA Football franchise in 2011. NCAA Basketball was discontinued in 2010.

Jan 6 2015

A federal appeals court ruled a lawsuit by ex-NFL players against Electronic Arts can move forward, the AP reports. The lawsuit seeks compensation over Madden NFL featuring ex-players on "historical" teams in everything but name. EA lost a similar lawsuit brought by ex-NCAA players. The company settled for $40 million.

Oct 29 2013

Electronic Arts has budgeted $40 million to settle lawsuits brought by college football players against its NCAA Football series, which EA Sports canceled last month. The publisher reported the figure to investors today. Though the settlement has yet to be made public, the figure is consistent with rumors reported in Read more

Aug 15 2013

The athletics director at the University of Washington—members of the Pac-12 conference and the 1991 National Champions—said his office will advise the university's administration not to license the school's appearance in future video games such as EA Sports' college football series.