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Apr 8 2015

The servers for NBA 2K14 were scheduled to be shut down, but fan backlash has prompted 2K Sports to reconsider. Polygon reports NBA 2K14 is back online, and future NBA games will receive 18-to-27 months of support after launch.

Dec 11 2013

Microtransactions don't work exactly like this in NBA 2K14, but this parody video by GoodGameBro clearly communicates how ridiculous some find the practice when it intrudes on their favorite sports game. Actually, you can purchase dunks, they're just signature animations for your created MyPlayer.

Dec 2 2013

Playing with the Houston Rockets shouldn't mean blasting off like a shuttle across the basketball court. That's the glitchy, NBA 2K14 way of avoiding interviews. But hey, at least they've got LeBron's running speed correct!