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Dec 13 2018

Originally scheduled for February 22, Metro Exodus has gone gold and will now launch on February 15. Publisher Deep Silver celebrates the announcement with the game’s haunting title sequence, featuring music by composer Alexey Omelchuk.

Jun 24 2014

The new-and-improved current-gen versions of 4A Games' excellent Metro shooters are coming out on August 26th, publisher Deep Silver just announced. See some beautiful images from Metro Redux here.

Sep 12 2013

The Metro: Last Light Developer DLC pack features a fully-stocked shooting range, an AI battle arena, and a museum filled with the game's characters and creatures. There's also a solo mission filled with spiders, so screw that. The pack will release September 17 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You can read about

May 11 2013

If "Ranger Mode" is the way Metro: Last Light is "meant to be played," why is it a preorder bonus and not in the main edition? "Offering game content as a pre-order exclusive is a requirement by retail," the game's publisher told PC Gamer. Ranger Mode is $5 to non-preorderers because that's the minimum they can charge.