10:06 AM

Microsoft just announced their plans for E3 2015: they’ve got their Xbox presser at the usual time (Monday, June 15 at 9:30am PT) and a daily live show they’ll be streaming from the conference floor. More info over on Major Nelson’s blog.

2:13 PM

You don't have to be afraid of missing out on Outlast's scream-inducing fun any more, Xbox One fans. It's now available on Microsoft's latest console, Major Nelson announced in a blog post this morning. The terrifying survival horror game made it through our latest revision of the PS4 bests list, so Xbox One owners

11:37 AM

If you're following the brouhaha over the guy who got an Xbox One early and was then banned by Xbox Live, Major Nelson has since reached out via Twitter, and has said "his console will not be permabanned." See the link for the latest update. Read more

7:30 PM

Next-gen is almost here: via Microsoft's Major Nelson, here's the first Xbox One console to come off the assembly line. Just two months until we get our hands on both next-gen systems.