4:23 PM

Heroes of the Storm’s latest playable character might be a wolf, but only sometimes.Greymane, Lord of the Worgen can swap between a ranged human assassin and a melee werewolf, with abilities that take advantage of his dual nature. Also, he would like a keg of beer.

11:30 AM

The Protoss warrior Artanis is now live in Heroes of the Storm, and he’s a lot of fun! I’ll have more detailed impressions on the new StarCraft hero by tomorrow. Blizzard still hasn’t said who/what they’re going to add to HOTS after Artanis, which is uncharacteristic given the game’s fast-paced release schedule.

5:40 PM

I’m streaming a few Heroes of the Storm games to test out the cool-looking new Protoss warrior Artanis. Watch along on Kotaku’s Twitch channel!

3:22 PM

I’ve played 999 games of Heroes of the Storm. Staying true to MOBA tradition, I asked the HOTS developers if they would play my 1,000th game with me, and they said yes! We will live stream the festivities next week on Thursday, October 8th, beginning at 4:00 pm EDT. So clear your schedules, because this’ll be fun.

2:20 PM

Heroes of the Storm just put out a spotlight for the upcoming Warcraft character Manbearpig Rexxar. I love the idea of adding a beastmaster—I mean, there’s already one in Dota 2. Allowing you to manage a bunch of different animals seems like a logical next step from all the summoning-heavy specialists already in HOTS.

5:39 PM

Hey Heroes of the Storm Abathur players, I need to ASKathur you a question. Sorry. I want to put together a guide for this strange, wonderful hero since he’s finally on free week (and because he’s notoriously difficult to master). Please let me know if you have any gameplay tips or build strategies to suggest. Thanks!