Diablo III's Wizard Joins Heroes of the Storm

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All the playable classes of Diablo III have already got a Heroes of the Storm version, except the Wizard. But those days are over. The Wizard, called Li-Ming, is the next hero joining the ever-growing roster of Heroes of the Storm.


It’s not just her appearance that remained somewhat similar to Diablo III. Some fan favorite abilities got transferred from Diablo III as well, such as her Teleport ability, or—the still pretty cool looking—Disintegrate. And the various skins represent certain sets and legendaries from Diablo III.

The spotlight video shows all the abilities in action. Arcane Orb looks a bit tricky to use, but it’s quite powerful:

Game director Dustin Bowder revealed more details about Li-Ming and another upcoming hero, Xul the Necromancer (no spotlight video for him yet, but he’s back!) in this video below, shared by Razer. Be sure to check it out if the small preview above wasn’t enough.

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Still hoping they do this idea among adding in other established Diablo characters: Add the D3 gender swaps of their HotS implementations, outfitted with different abilities from D3.

Certainly enough to go around.

Female-Witch Doctor based around the “spirit” stuff rather than Male’s conjured creatures.

Male-Barbarian with stuff like Rend, Call of the Ancients, etc.

Female-Monk with stuff like Tempest Rush, Spirit Ally, etc.

Male-Demon Hunter with turrets, pet wolf, elemental shot, etc.

Male-Crusader with Bombardment, Phalnax, Avatars of the Order, etc