Jan 27

Developers at Blizzard prototyped Hearthstone VR during a company hackathon one of the game’s artists said in a recent interview. It allowed you to go into the tavern, sit down for a game, and even flip the table over if the cards weren’t going your way.

Nov 6 2019

Hearthstone’s auto-battler mode ‘Battlegrounds’ is in early access for select players. A public starts next week on the Tuesday the 12th. We’ll have more coverage down the line, but here’s an archive of a stream I did if you’re curious.

Nov 2 2019

Chinese player Xiaomeng “VKLiooon” Li has won the Hearthstone Global Finals at Blizzcon 2019. She is the first female grand finals winner ever and the first woman to win a major Hearthstone tournament.