May 7 2019

Ultra Ultra, developer of the clever stealth game Echo, has “ceased to exist” according to a tweet on the company’s Twitter account. For a detailed breakdown of what made Echo so special, check the video above. Good luck, Ultra Ultra devs, and thanks for the incredibly cool game.

Sep 6 2016

Echo was a standout at the PAX Indie Megabooth last weekend. The concept is very cool: You have to infiltrate and explore a futuristic techno-palace. Every so often, the whole place reboots and goes dark. With each reboot, your past playthroughs “echo” as AIs that try to take you down using whatever tactics you used

Aug 30 2016

Sci-fi adventure Echo’s first gameplay trailer is on YouTube today and it looks so dope. In the game, a girl named En explores a legendary, ancient palace that, according to developer Ultra Ultra, “has a mind of its own.”