10:33 AM

Session, the indie skateboarding game that surprised at E3 2018, will be available on Steam Early Access September 17, 2019. The Xbox Game Preview version will be released “a few weeks after,” with a full release coming in 2020, per developer Creature Studios.

11:43 AM

Bethesda has announced that early access to Elder Scrolls: Blades is now available to anyone with a Bethesda account. They also hinted at changes coming to those annoying chests.

3:55 PM

Shadow of the Colussus-inspired Praey For The Gods will come to Steam Early Access on January 31. The last we heard of the icy survival game its developers were being forced to change the title because Bethesda owned the Trademark for “Prey.” Based on the trailer, Praey appears to be coming along nicely.

6:10 PM

Pit People is finally coming out of Early Access on March 2. The Behemoth (makers of Castle Crashers) have been working on it since 2013. At its core it’s a hex strategy game with a quirky sense of humor, which is how it won over Mike Fahey when he played it last year.