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Apr 17

Beat up your friends when Streets of Rage 4 launches on April 30. Along with four-player co-op the game also features Battle Mode, where up to four players can hit and kick each other until only one remains. Check out this morning’s post on the PlayStation Blog for more details.

Feb 24

Streets of Rage 4 will have four-player co-op according to a new trailer. While online you can only play with one other person, offline on the couch together you can punch bad guys to a pulp with three other friends, a mode that seems perfect for the Switch version.

Mar 8 2018

Another World is coming to the Nintendo Switch this spring. The French studio DotEmu, which previously ported it to Android and iOS, will be bringing it over. As random as the announcement seems, Switch is currently the only platform you can’t play Éric Chahi’s amazing cinematic adventure on, so it’s about time.

Aug 28 2013

The Last Express is now out on Android—almost a year after its iOS debut. This port of Jordan Mechner's '97 adventure game features the same improvements as its iOS sibling, including achievements and a three-tiered hint system. It can be grabbed here.