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Gwent has a new vampire-themed expansion out, and to help celebrate CD Projekt is selling Blood Moon Packs for the low, low price of...$115. Each contains 100 kegs of new Crimson Curse cards to help get you started. It’s not a bad deal, but only if you want $115 worth of Gwent cards.

Riot just announced a number of sales it’ll be putting on for League of Legends’ seasonal holiday event “Snowdown,” which will also add a giant Poro King (seen above) to the game’s ARAM map for a limited time. I’d also be into the idea of a Poro champion, but we’ll have to keep waiting for that, sadly. More info here.

Smite’s Ultimate God Pack,” which gives you every character currently in the game plus any future characters Hi-Rez adds to it, is going on sale tomorrow for $20. I highly recommend it if you have any interest in the game. Except for Dota 2 (which makes every hero free), this is easily the best deal in any MOBA.