1:45 PM

Gwent has a new vampire-themed expansion out, and to help celebrate CD Projekt is selling Blood Moon Packs for the low, low price of...$115. Each contains 100 kegs of new Crimson Curse cards to help get you started. It’s not a bad deal, but only if you want $115 worth of Gwent cards.

4:43 PM

Riot just announced a number of sales it’ll be putting on for League of Legends’ seasonal holiday event “Snowdown,” which will also add a giant Poro King (seen above) to the game’s ARAM map for a limited time. I’d also be into the idea of a Poro champion, but we’ll have to keep waiting for that, sadly. More info here.

1:21 PM

Smite’s Ultimate God Pack,” which gives you every character currently in the game plus any future characters Hi-Rez adds to it, is going on sale tomorrow for $20. I highly recommend it if you have any interest in the game. Except for Dota 2 (which makes every hero free), this is easily the best deal in any MOBA.