Dec 13 2018

There’s a new PlanetSide game coming, and it has a battle royale mode. The gargantuan persistent shooter is clomping into the genre’s well-trod territory with sci-fi vehicles and weapons, though that’s not the only mode PlanetSide Arena is offering. It’ll also let players compete in 250 vs 250 matches with teams and

Oct 30 2018

Nearly two decades old, venerable MMORPG EverQuest gets its 25th expansion pack on December 11. Called The Burning Lands, the expansion features a war between elemental jann, six new planar zones and a new Luck stat. Also, people are still playing EverQuest.

Oct 9 2018

Did you know EverQuest II has averaged at least one expansion pack a year since its 2004 launch? Today Daybreak announced EQII’s 15th expansion, Chaos Descending, goes live on Tuesday, November 13. Players can explore new elemental planes and start gearing and leveling up their mounts. Weird.