H1Z1 Players Have Created An Actual Fight Club

You know the first rule of fight club, don't you? Well, these H1Z1 players broke it a bunch. But in the process, they herded other hapless players into a tooth-and-nail brawl to the death, and I'd like to think that having a fight club at all is more important than remembering to not talk about it.

The basic idea of UseTheBooty's fight club is to round up freshly spawned players (aka "Bambis") and, um, persuade them to duke it out with only their twiggy, newborn limbs. It might seem a bit mean, but games like H1Z1 and other members of DayZ's plague brood are often at their most entertaining when they become conduits for undiluted human cruelty. Also, these "victims" seem pretty on board with the fight club idea, so all is (mostly) well. Oh, and there are prizes! Who doesn't like prizes?


I especially enjoyed the part where—after being forced to participate in a bowel-emptying murder spectacle—the winner casually skipped away while everyone else shouted, "Have a good day!" That's so very video games in the best possible way. Is shit nauseatingly fucked up, bleak beyond belief? Sure, on paper. But it's actually just everyone having fun with H1Z1's ultra-dark premise, making up their own games within the game. Sandboxes like this one can get kinda tedious sometimes, but when they deliver, they really deliver.



i remember seeing people do this in Day Z