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Bohemia Interactive

DayZ’s developers say that the massively influential survival game is finally leaving early access “next year.” That’ll also mean a console version sometime next year, if all goes according to plan. Personally, I’m expecting it to add a battle royale mode shortly after, which, in DayZ time, means the year 2020.

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Bohemia have taken their hardcore military sim ArmA III and stripped it to the bone, coming up with a new free-to-play shooter called Argo.

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The ArmA series, which has recently been to the Middle East and Mediterranean, is off to the jungle in this new expansion for ArmA III called Apex. It’s out on July 11.

Here's a rather useful visual guide to DayZ play styles by JamesBlakesCat, using portraits from a similar game, Inna Woods. No matter how you play, you're going to get killed for a can of beans (except if you are a murderous hobo.)

Sitting down in the middle of a town and opening a store with your loot in DayZ is probably the riskiest thing you can do. Some players still like to do that, maybe because they have snipers on the roof. Either way, I am positive that business will be booming.