10:37 AM

Anthem’s limited-time Cataclysm event is sticking around. Scheduled to end this week, EA Community Lead Jesse Anderson tweeted Wednesday night that a hotfix has gone live keeping the Cataclysm fully active and bringing back the seasonal store.  

3:20 PM

Anthem’s next update will arrive tomorrow on April 23, global community manager Andrew Johnson announced on Twitter. It will add new bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and the much awaited new Stronghold mission called The Sunken. The update will be followed by a developer live stream later in the day.

4:55 PM

Anthem’s latest update is live and corrects some of the smaller problems players have been having with loot. Players will no longer get loot for Javelins different from the one they’re using and Elysian Cache items now immediately appear in players’ inventories. The newsfeed, which had been blank, is also fixed.