Sep 30 2013

In an ideal world, we could jump into this 8-bit Breaking Bad game right after the finale of the series. Sadly it's just an imaginary start screen—a pretty neat one, nevertheless—of an imaginary game, The Legend of Heisenberg, made by Filippo Morini.

Sep 25 2013

What's the Moon from Majora's Mask doing in AVGN Adventures? The Angry Video Game Nerd-based platformer, which came out recently on Steam, has all sorts of gameplay elements from the horrible stuff James Rolfe featured in his videos (in addition to lots of swearing). But Majora's Mask? That's not a sh**ty game!

Sep 16 2013

Can you name all the League of Legends champions above? Turned into 8-bit characters by digital artist Reversesquats, this roster-demake rather resembles Mega Man or Final Fantasy characters from the NES-era than a current-day MOBA.