If LucasArts Made A Game About The Shining...

The remote hotel, where Jack Nicholson and his family spent the winter in Stanley Kubrick's movie adaptation would have been a pretty cool setting for a point and click adventure game.

Thanks to the creative minds at CineFix, I'm feeling slightly guilty for feeling all warm and fuzzy inside what with all the adventure game nostalgia. Still, though, that Jack Nicholson sprite looks evil as hell and this likely could've been one of the spookiest games of its time.

The Shining - 8 bit Cinema [CineFix, YouTube]

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Anyone else thinkin' these 8-Bit Cinema vids are an example of pixel-art done not-so-great?

The pixels are stretched and the size is inconsistent - it looks like games run in the wrong resolution mode; most elements are borrowed and only slightly modified from existing games, which *could* be part of its charm, but they don't match each other; the original pixel art elements appear pretty sloppily done, and the animations are very Spartan and limited - there's just not a lot of gamey "life" to it, or care put into any fun details.