Syrian Refugees Party At Furry Convention

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A group of Syrian refugees, having just arrived in Canada, are being temporarily put up in a hotel. The same hotel that, last weekend, was also home to a convention for furries.


As The Independent reports, it was one hell of a culture shock for the refugees, but it worked out about as well as you could hope for, with the children (and adults) loving the big cuddly suits and many of the furries revelling in the chance to play entertainers for the day.

One furry left a comment on a local news report, writing:

One of many highlites to me was when the new group of Syrian Refugees children came in and got to interact with us. To them we were cartoons come to life, to us was a means to display our acting performance to a very appreciative audiance. Win win all around. The parents interacted too and took photos with us as well.

Not your average “Welcome to Canada”, granted, but it’s one those kids won’t forget in a hurry.



Went into the grey comments. Apperantly the furry hate train came here from Gizmodo. Why does everyone gotta hate on the furries? It was old in the early aughts, it’s just beating a fossilized horse at this point. We get it, people can’t be bothered to actually educate themselves because this is the internet and furries were decided to be the low hanging fruit. Find a new target, or, better yet, stop being a bunch of hateful fucks.

That said, every time I see this story I get warm fuzzies because this is what the fandom is really about. Making people smile, helping the lost and outcast feel welcome. Furries are really probably some of the nicest people you will meet if you come in without trying to be judgemental and hateful right off the bat. I found some friends in furry communities online when I was in high school that made me feel welcome for the first time in my life, and this was long before I realized I was one of them. I knew all the hateful stuff, but I left that at the door and let myself make my own judgement, and, surprise, the visible minority doesn’t make up the majority. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER GROUP.