Fans of Audiosurf, scrolling shooters, and music in general have reason to be excited about Symphony, Empty Clip Studios' new title in which your songs shape the game you're playing.

Like Audiosurf, Symphony allows you to search your music collection in order to create a unique game experience for every song. Instead of a rollercoaster puzzle game, however, Symphony creates colorful 3D arcade shooter levels based on your musical tastes. A slow song might transform into a slow, relaxing shooter experience, while a fast electronic track with heavy beats morphs into something much more challenging.

Your music collection is the key to unlocking the full potential of Symphony, with hidden powers and unique enemies lurking inside your MP3s, waiting to be unleashed.

Symphony is still several months away from its 2010 release, but all the elements are in place for a truly unique shooter experience. I've already started building my playlist, and I've a feeling my psytrance collection is about to get a whole lot less relaxing.


Hit the official website for more about Empty Clips Studios and Symphony.