In this particular piece of 3D fan art, Sylvanas, leader of World of Warcraft’s Forsaken, poses in her new set of armor, which appears to lack somewhat in the pants department. Yes, the model’s a bit NSFW, but that doesn’t take away from its overall quality, mind you.

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Have a look yourself:

According to the artist, Ray Thuc Le from Vancouver, Canada, the project was inspired by Sylvanas’ appearance in the WoW Legion cinematic trailer:

In the Polycount thread for the model, one commenter remarked that Sylvanas looks “a lot more pants-less here than [they] remember her.” Which is, well, yeah.

Still, the model’s quality is undeniably very high, with an extremely detailed and ornate set of armor, and a truly epic-looking bow. Pretty awesome, overall.

Here’s the rest of the pics:

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