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Swooning Over A Beautifully Restored Sega Dreamcast Display

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How could a gaming system with this powerful a retail presence possibly fail?

Jason Brassard of Fenton, Missouri has a pretty amazing collection of old-school video games, but as the folks at the Sega Channel pan over his cavern of wonders, the eyes are inexorably drawn to his crown jewel — a lovingly restored retail display for Sega's final console, complete with games, consoles and a working demo station. It's enough to make me want to buy a Dreamcast all over again.

Of course back in the early 2000's the kiosk looked slightly different than it does today. The controllers matched, for one. That, and instead of a selection of purchasable games the windowed area was stocked with then Sega of America president and COO Peter Moore, sadly pressing his palms against the glass and gazing pleadingly at passers-by.


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Joey 'Smooth' Ofori

Sega Dreamcast was such an underrated system! Definitely one of the best and so ahead of its time with the VMU Memory Unit