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Fears that Thailand's online gaming shops could be a major hub for swine flu transmission were realized this week, as a computer game shop employee became virus' 17th Thai victim.


The latest victim of influenza type-A, or swine fly, in Thailand has been confirmed to be a worker at a computer game shop in the Ratchaburi province. The Ministry of Public Health confirmed the cause of the 330 pound woman this week, citing that she may have had complications that made her more susceptible to the virus.

The news comes shortly after Deputy Public Health Minister Manit Nopamornbodee issued a statement suggesting that the popular hangouts, where players go to spend countless hours playing online computer games, were a major transmission point for swine flu, with so many bodies packed together in small rooms for large periods of time. The warning was issued after a survey of children that tested positive for the virus indicated that symptoms developed after visiting game shops.


And people wonder why I am a shut-in.

Flu claims 17th victim, 209 new cases [Bangkok Post via G4TV]

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