Swine Flu: The Video Game

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While it might not actually be Swine Flu: The Video Game, a flash game created by Dutch researches aims to raise the awareness of similar outbreaks by having the player control the deadly Gamers Flu.


The Great Flu casts the player as the head of the fictional World Pandemic Control. Pick a strain of flu based on difficulty level, and use your budget to help stop the spread of a potentially deadly disease. Should you distribute masks to the public, or broadcast public service announcements warning of the potential update? Should you start manufacturing vaccines, improve research facilities, or bring in a group of specialists? Even at the lowest difficulty the game delivers a sense of just how difficult it is to handle and contain the spread of a dangerous virus.

It does so with great charm though, with vibrate pink and orange graphics, and adorable smiley-faced skulls to represent difficult levels. They've even included the Gamers Flu as the second most difficult virus to contain.

After an international gaming convention lots of participants got infected. The virus spreads faster than expected.


Good luck at Gamescom, Crecente and McWhertor!

The Great Flu [Official Website]

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Mike Fahey, i have been on Kotaku for a year or so now, and the pronunciation of your last name still eludes me. Do you pronounce the "H" (FAHEEEE) or not? (FAYEE).

This is life or death!!!!!