Swery's Cat Game The Good Life Moves To Kickstarter After Failed Fig Campaign

Illustration for article titled Swerys Cat Game iThe Good Life/i Moves To Kickstarter After Failed Fig Campaign

Yesterday, The Good Life, the next project by Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro, failed to meet its crowdfunding goal on Fig. In a letter to fans, SWERY announced the project would move to Kickstarter.


The Good Life captured people’s attention for its strange premise: a reporter moving to a country village where everyone turns into cats at night. Unfortunately, the game failed to find the necessary crowdfunding support, raising $682,864 out of a 1.5 million dollar goal. In a statement released on Twitter, SWERY stated that he intends to move the project to Kickstarter and aim for a humbler goal.

“Unfortunately, our 40-day battle ended in failure,” SWERY said. “We will use all of the information that we learned for this campaign, and made the Kickstarter one we can believe in.”


The statement speculates on some of the Fig campaign’s mistakes. Among the factors mentioned was a lack of specifics in the game’s concept trailer, as well as the fact that the project’s concept art leaked two weeks early, leading to confusion over the game’s art direction and graphics.

“We’re disappointed we couldn’t hit our goal,” SWERY said. “And we won’t stop fighting, and improving, until we can get this game in your hands.”

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Why not use the money that they did get so far to make what progress they can, then do the Kickstarter? That way they have more they can show people for what the game is. I know making games is expensive, but over $680,000 doesn’t sound like the worst starting point ever. Also useful for people who are wary of game Kickstarters to show them that the crowdfunded money is indeed going towards the game.

But, I guess the risk of this would be that if the Kickstarter fails too, or for some other reason the game delays or is cancelled, it would have gone to waste. That is a pretty big risk. Maybe I don’t have such a good idea here after all.