Sweet Mother Of Pearl, There'll Be A Lot Of Indie Games At PAX This Year

This kickin' trailer shows the 30+ games that will be on display at the Indie Megabooth at PAX Prime next week in Seattle. Can you name all the games? I… can't. (Hmm, maybe that's because I watched this with my mouse over it so the Vimeo logo blocks where it totally says the names of the games.)


But I can name a lot of them. Jason, Tina and I will be reporting from the event, and are looking forward to playing all of these games. I think I'll put this tune on my headphones and listen to it whenever I'm cruising the show floor.

Read the full list of PAX indies here.

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hmm i noticed alot of those game are already out and can be bought and played by anyone. Now I'm not saying your game has to still be in development in order to have a booth but... ok i guess thats kinda what I'm saying. I mean technically those people pay for thier booths id assume so I guess first come first serve but... idk it just seems wrong for some reason that games that already can be bought are still having booths at these conventions. Does any body else feel that way or is it just me.