Sweden Invests $36,672 in Gender Equality for Video Games

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Sweden's government has turned its eyes to the portrayal of women in games and gender issues. Swedish news site, The Local, reports that the Nordic country has issued a $36,672 (272,000 kronor) grant to research gender issues in Swedish games.


Despite the country's relatively small population (just under 10 million people), Sweden's home to several of the world's most successful game studios, including Mojang, Avalanche Studios, and Battlefield developer DICE.

The project lead for the investigation, Anton Albiin, said that games could and should be more than the relatively narrow band of styles and genres they are today.

"Of course games can be about fantasy but they can be so much more than this. They can also be a form of cultural expression - reflecting society or the society we are hoping for. Games can help us to create more diverse workplaces and can even change the way we think about things."

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Oh good! Then we'll start to see evil fat female villains who kidnap good skinny men right? Cause the video game industry has had a serious imbalance of "damsel in distress" usage for decades now, its only fair princes get the short end of the stick in the name of gender equality.