Matthew Tollis, a 22 year-old from Wethersfield, Connecticut, is facing a year in jail for his role in a series of Swatting calls made last year.

As FoxCT reports, Tollis was sentenced last week for his part in the calls, in which he acted as a kind of local agent for a team of British hackers, obtaining things like phone numbers and “other information” on American schools (and the Boston Convention Exhibition Center) so they could make the actual calls.


In total, Tollis was found to have participated in six Swatting calls, including one made to the University of Connecticut last year that resulted in the entire campus being shut down. A Federal Judge has ordered Tollis to “report to prison on November 5 to serve for one year and one day”.

“Swatting is not a schoolboy prank, it’s a federal crime,” U.S. Attorney Dierdre Daly told Fox. “These hoaxes have expended critical law enforcement resources and caused severe emotional distress for thousands of victims.”

(via crimsonheadGCN @ NeoGAF)

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