Suspect Shoots 9 People, Kills 2, Leaves Roommate His PS3

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This past Saturday night, suspect Erik Salvador Ayala fired shots into a random crowd in Portland, Oregon. After killing two and injuring seven, Ayala shot himself in the head. The gaming connection?


Ayala is described as being "quiet" and those who knew him say this shooting comes as a complete surprise. This shooting is the worst shooting in Portland's history.

Police have released new details about the 24 year-old Ayala. He was unemployed and apparently depressed, leaving what appears to be a suicide note for his roommate. In it, he says that he can be found "somewhere downtown," but he "wasn't sure" where. Ayala also included all his personal information (SSN, back account number, alien number, etc.) He also left his PS3 to his roommate:

You know my ps3 is special. Similar USED ps3's go for AT LEAST $450-$500. Our landlord guy wants a ps3 like mine. Let him know that $400 would be a GOOD deal. If he doesn't want it, format the drive by going to Settings>System>Format Utility. You can say it "comes with the latest firmware software" to help market it on the internet. In case you don't know, it's the special "100% backwards compatible" (60 GB) ps3.

Telling that, in this makeshift will, Ayala puts the greatest importance on how his roommate should deal with the bequeathed PS3.

As an aside, the Oregon press also points out that he enjoyed playing Resistance and Left 4 Dead.

Police do not know how Ayala acquired the 9mm used in the shooting, which took place in front of a popular Portland night club, nor do police know if he selected this night club for a particular reason. Eight of the nine victims were teenagers, and many of them were foreign exchange students. The suspect was taken to the hospital after turning the gun on himself and was listed in critical condition.

Suspect in downtown Portland shooting spree left behind note [KATU Thanks, Gojirah!]



He probably never got laid and let go his pent up rage by shooting people.