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Adventure game company Legacy Interactive and the American College Of Emergency Physicians have teamed up to create Disaster Hero, a web-based game aimed at helping people keep it together while the world is falling apart.


When the forces of nature turn against us it seems like there's nothing we can do to prevent them, but with a little preparation we can up our chances of survival. That's the message in Disaster Hero, a web-based game and website dedicated to educating parents, children, and teachers how to prepare for and survive natural disasters.

Due out in 2011, Disaster Hero will feature mini-games that educate players about common natural disasters based on geographical location, help them identify potentially dangerous situations in the aftermath of said disasters, and relay helpful tips about the items they should have on hand to help them survive. Covered subjects will include preparing a survival kit, finding escape routes, and applying pressure to staunch bleeding wounds.


"Legacy's success in developing casual games such as The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes and House, M.D., combined with our long experience creating medical simulations for adults and kids, makes us an ideal partner for this project. It's a privilege to be able to work with the American College of Emergency Physicians on this very important project," said Ariella Lehrer, President and CEO of Legacy Interactive.

The game is funded by a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

It's always nice to see the government putting its faith in gaming as an educational tool, especially since they're using our money to pay for it.

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