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Survival game This War of Mine got a free update on PC today to celebrate the game’s five year anniversary. The update adds “a new character, new classic scenario, and more quests and events on the locations known from Stories episode,” as well as graphical overhauls.


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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

I enjoyed this a point. There were a few things I felt it needed, like the ability to repel raids on your hideout with your characters actively fighting, hiding and setting traps for the invaders instead of simply upgrading and arming everyone and having the ‘event’ screen show up saying you did it, or failed and they looted everything and fucked your people up.

I can sort of see why they did not go that route, as having the event happen when most of your team is fucked up from a night out looking for supplies or whatnot would be brutal. That and being able to gear up your people with better stuff dropped from dead invaders would make some nighttime encounters easy as heck.

It does a good job of ‘shades of grey’ however, as it’s not even remotely easy to get the ‘best’ ending for each character and thinking only of your people can and does result in bad shit happening to others which can in turn have an effect on you like being unable to trade with merchants and other people because they’ve heard of your adventures elsewhere.