Surprise: The 'Sam Raimi' Suit Is Now In Spider-Man PS4

Illustration for article titled Surprise: The 'Sam Raimi' Suit Is Now In Spider-Man PS4

In a last-minute holiday present to Spider-Man fans, publisher Sony said today that it is indeed adding the iconic ‘Sam Raimi’ suit—you know, the one from the Tobey Maguire movies—to the recently released PS4 game. It’s free for everyone with a copy of Spider-Man.


There’s a lot of drama attached to this one, as some fans have been hounding developer Insomniac Games (and, most notably, its community director, James Stevenson) after an August tease for the Raimi suit was never quite resolved. Turns out the suit was coming—it just took longer than anyone thought it would.

“Just know things take a LONG time sometimes (months and months!) and even then go down to the literal wire,” Stevenson wrote on Twitter this morning. “We obviously never stopped listening.”

“Dude I literally broke down in the gym crying,” wrote one fan in response. “This means a lot to me, thank you.”

Getting any licensed property implemented into a video game always requires navigating bureaucracy, as there can be many layers of approval before you get to a yes, even for one of the most successful games of the year. But with five days to go until Christmas, the Raimi suit made it just in time.


And down at the Weight Rack, they say, shit got really fucking weird that day.

In all seriousness, I get having an emotional attachment to certain entertainment products. I still get a warm feeling in my chest every time I think about the “good” (destroyed Black Omen/rescued Crono/fixed the timeline problems) ending in Chrono Trigger.

But there’s a bloody limit, y’know? If this person literally broke down in tears in a public place over a cosmetic add-on to a game, I’m a little worried about them—not because it’s lame to care about a game, or a comic book character, or even a suit from a film based on said character—but because the act of breaking down in tears is a pretty significant emotional thing. Even moreso in a public setting (whether or not that setting is a gym).

Y’know, the kind of thing you primarily see when someone finds out a loved one has passed, or a relationship suddenly comes to an end.

I dunno. I’m thinking the claim of breaking down in tears is a little hyperbolic, and I know it’s an odd thing to focus on—but just, damn, man. I’m headed to the gym just now myself, and if some guy breaks the fuck down on the fly press, I’m going to be asking them if they need medical assistance, because my first thought is going to be “torn shoulder/pectoralis major,” not, “Oh, the Sam Raimi suit is in Spider-Man now.”