Surprise! PlayStation 3 Price Drops $100

In a move that no one could have possibly anticipated, Sony announces a price drop along with the news of the PlayStation 3 Slim, with the current 80GB system dropping to $299 until replaced.

It almost doesn't seem worth it, really. The PlayStation 3 slim is right around the corner, selling for $299 with a 120GB hard drive, so why buy the 80GB system for $299? Well, it's bigger, and you might be able to grab it in a bundle if you play yor cards right? Either way, it's your $299 PlayStation 3 option until the Slim hits early next month.


Not mentioned during the press conference, a quick call to GameStop confirms that the 160GB system has dropped to $399 as well, so if you've been holding off on picking one up, now is the time.

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