FortressCraft, a new game on the Xbox 360 which is, to put it kindly, borrowing gameplay elements from indie smash Minecraft, has proven about as popular as you'd expect, given you can't actually get Minecraft on the Xbox 360.

According to FortressCraft's developers, Projector Games, the game's trial was downloaded 84,006, with 58,572 then committing to buy it, both unheralded numbers for the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel.

While there are complaints FortressCraft is lacking in polish, Projector say it'll continue updating the game through Xbox Live, and will also be selling "episodes" as downloadable content.

While it's awesome seeing an indie game put up the kind of sales numbers you'd expect from an Xbox Live Arcade game, it's a bit of a shame it took a shameless knock-off - and not an original title, as the service was established for - to do it.


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